From digital music & video distribution, physical distribution, rights management and music publishing (with Kobalt Music Publishing), all the way through to radio & media servicing, digital marketing and playlist pitching, Checked Label Services is a fair and rewarding space for creators. Request an Artist Pack:

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Unlimited releases. Anytime. Everywhere. We work with over 100 online music stores including:

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Get your music on 100's of digital platforms. Sell physical. Be part of our publishing & sync. Have your rights managed correctly, globally.

Services Include:

  • Global music distribution to 100+ services.
  • Free iTunes pre-orders.
  • Free delivery to new stores.
  • Free pre-saves and release day smartURLs.
  • Free playlist pitching.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Royalty payments direct to your bank account.
  • Physical distribution to all major and independent retailers.
  • Publishing and sync (with Kobalt Music Publishing).
  • Global rights management.
  • Radio & media servicing. Digital Marketing.
  • Consulting.
  • Music video distribution (including Vevo).