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Why The Creator Economy Is A Smart Partnership.

The creator economy has become a global phenomenon overnight, and companies are paying close attention. Due to the economy’s rapid success rate, companies prioritize partner attraction and retention with these creators. For those who haven’t been able to catch up to this viral industry, the creative economy is software-facilitated and enables creators to generate revenue through platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Roblox and Meta ... just to name a few.

We’re seeing infinite virtual experiences in today’s market, and the pandemic catapulted industries into going fully remote. Like the gig economy, anyone can join the creative economy and generate a steady income. The success rate is significant: the creative economy is worth $104 billion and counting.

Due to high demand, creators have the freedom to work with whomever they want and are paid on their terms. If they are unsatisfied with the payment conditions, they won’t hesitate to work with competitors.

With the right technology, companies can attract and retain creators of all shapes and sizes - from Instagram NFT artists to musicians on Twitch!

Check out the full article on Payments Dive HERE.

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