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Want To Be A Music Supervisor? Here’s What They Do.

Can you imagine watching a film without music or playing a game without a backing soundtrack? Music is such an integral part of experiencing media, and it’s a music supervisor’s job to find the right song for their medium.

Music supervision can be a career all by itself, but anyone working with media may need to be a music supervisor at some point. Producers may need to license a track for a TV episode, or maybe as a composer you’re asked for music in a style you’re not comfortable writing. You never know when you may encounter a music supervision opportunity, even when working in adjacent industries.

It is a music supervisor’s job to coordinate the right to use a piece of music in a work from the rights holders. There are many aspects of music supervision that may start before filming, especially if the rights for a pop song are involved.

Music supervisors are responsible for finding the right piece of music to fit a scene. If a scene in a TV show, movie, or video game calls for a specific song to be used, music supervisors must contact the rights owners to start negotiating a license to use the track. That may involve obtaining permission to use the track from the artist’s management or discussing a licensing fee with a record label.

Music supervision is often about finding several licensable tracks to present for the project. Having options to choose from means music can be played over the scene to see how well it fits. Take a look at Berklee Online’s Music Business Handbook, which features an extensive interview with Music Supervisor Janet Billig Rich.

Check out the full article on Digital Music News HERE.

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