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TikTok's Upcoming Hashtags.

#IndieMusic - As we head into the fall, TikTok is setting its sights on indie artists! Starting on September 14, they are excited to spotlight the vibrant indie music community on platform with the hashtag campaign #IndieMusic, encouraging artists to post using the hashtag. Stuck on what to post? Give them a story time, explain your motivation, share some advice, show off your top 5 indie records, or put them on to who you think is up next!

#Maquillaje - Show TikTok your #Maquillaje

#GamingOnTikTok - Celebrate #GamingOnTikTok! Whether you're a noob, or already maxed out on XP, join the #GamingOnTikTok community!

#Recipe - Show TikTok your perfect #Recipe.

#IndieMusic - Love #IndieMusic? Why not start your TikTok journey here.

#Spooktember - Halloween is a few weeks away, but #Spooktember is officially here. Show TikTok how you're getting ready for the spookiest time of the year.

Are you an artist or band looking to self-release your next single or album? We've got no sign-up fee's, no annual, renewal or upload fee's, and free editorial playlist pitching! SIGN-UP.

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