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Technophobia Part I: Music Streaming.

Streaming technology is one of the single most disruptive innovations the music industry has faced in a long time. From accessing millions of songs through the click of a button all the way to AI-powered recommendations based on our listening habits, streaming has completely transformed the way many of us consume music.

But while streaming has brought a lot of benefits to consumers, just like with any rapid industry innovations, it does have its downsides. Issues like revenue loss, copyright infringement, and market over-saturation are serious challenges that came hand in hand with the arrival of streaming services. These downsides understandably create genuine concerns and even fears for professionals within the music industry, sometimes leading to a form of technophobia as a result.

So where do we go from here? Join Cari, Stella, and Silvia in the episode of the “The Mix” to learn more about the true pros and cons of music streaming, and actionable tips for music professionals to make the most out of the competitive landscape of global streaming.

Check out the article and podcast on Musixmatch HERE.

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