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Sync Licensing Is Evolving - Now There’s A Comprehensive Analysis.

Sync licensing is providing more paychecks and exposure to artists than ever. Now, Digital Music News has partnered with music licensing and distribution platform Songtradr to craft a whitepaper charting the space’s recent results and long-term potential.

The numerous deals delivered by sync licensing – and the volume-based visual-media landscape that it powers – are hardly a secret. Digital Media News has spoken with a number of musicians who’ve scored significant placements, and everything from film to advertising and television to gaming is complemented by carefully selected songs.

Notwithstanding the growth of and opportunities within sync, the burgeoning sector has to this point lacked a comprehensive analysis of its various components and outlook. With the latest data, expert statements, and projections, the multifaceted Global Sync Licensing Trend Report from Digital Music News and Songtradr aims to keep music industry professionals apprised of what’s happening – and what’s on the way – in the multibillion-dollar segment.

Check out the the full article on Digital Music News HERE. Read the Global Sync Licensing Trend Report HERE.

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