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Seven Ways to Increase Global Listenership.

From playlists to merch, these Spotify strategies can help build your presence around the world.

You have new fans out there in the 180+ countries where Spotify is available - you just haven’t met them yet. Even if you’re primarily focused on your home market, your music’s genre, style, or story could be just the thing a listener is searching for kilometers, countries, or continents away. On average, global listeners stream artists from 14 different countries every month. Here’s a rundown of some top tactics you can tackle to identify, grow, and serve them.

Playlisting - There are billions of discoveries happening every month on Spotify, and two-thirds of these new artist discoveries happen outside an artist’s home country. Many come from playlists, both editorial and personalized.

Let’s Get Visual - Engaging fans with a short, looping visual with Canvas shares your artistic vision - and gets you noticed beyond your location or language.

Know Your Numbers - Two important facets of your Spotify for Artists dashboard are the Audience and Music sections, where you’ll find detailed analytics about who is listening to your music, how much, and where - plus, how they discovered you.

Take It Live - The live music industry is bouncing back, and fans are ready to see their favorite artists - and discover new ones. That’s why Spotify has created the in-app Live Events Feed, so listeners can discover concerts in their local area, with recommendations personalized to them.

Set Your Target - Marquee, Spotify's sponsored recommendation tool, helps you promote your latest release by putting your music in front of the right listeners at the right time - and in the right place. Campaigns can target audiences in more than a dozen countries - including seven of the ten biggest streaming markets in the world.

Create a Virtual Merch Table - Did you know that Spotify's integration with Shopify gives artists the opportunity to not only grow their revenue, but also connect to global fans on a tangible level? No matter where you are based, you can sell merch on your profile that will be available to their listeners worldwide.

Collab Around the World - Have you made music with someone based in another part of the world? If not, here’s one reason to try it if you’re prioritizing global listeners: More than 80% of streams on international collaborations come from outside the main artist’s country.

Check out the full article on Spotify For Artists HERE.

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