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In 2020, Twitch was making headlines due to music copyright issues on its platform, but that same year became a key destination for live streaming activity for musicians when concerts were put on hold due to the pandemic.

By November 2021, Twitch had launched an artist incubator program called The Collective, and announced that it would be working with a number of label and indie partners.

Now, a new report from Twitch and analytics platform Luminate claims to shed light on how the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform is driving music discovery in the US.

According to the new study, which aimed to quantify the value and influence of Twitch users on the music industry, one in three music listeners in the US now discover new music through Twitch.

Luminate says that the survey was conducted in Q4 2021, among over 2,300 consumers in the US aged 13-40, with a particular focus on both Twitch users and those who use Twitch specifically for music or music-related content.

Luminate and Twitch also report that 54% of those surveyed as part of the study said that they’ve discovered new music from Twitch streamers actively calling out songs or artists, or recommending them in the middle of a live stream.

Check out the the full article on Music Business Worldwide HERE.

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