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Meet Bandsintown's New Fan Management Suite.

Reaching your fans is getting harder than ever. Unpredictable social algorithms can throttle post visibility. Web cookies are disappearing. Platforms change without notice. Strategies that worked wonders yesterday are suddenly irrelevant.

Owning fan data is now more crucial than ever for artists of all sizes and sounds. First-party data lets you better understand your fans, connect with them directly across multiple channels, and future-proof your career - and Bandsintown's new Fan Management Suite gives you everything you need to do it.

Now available to all artists, this free suite includes customizable tools like Events Widget, Smart Link, and Email Signup Form, which let you simultaneously collect fan data, build your mailing list, grow your Bandsintown following, and promote your shows.

Then easily access and download your fan contacts, view audience insights, send direct messages, and more from your Fan Manager dashboard. Check out the full article from Bandsintown HERE.

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