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Introducing ... The Home For Songwriters On YouTube!

YouTube have announced the launch of their brand new YouTube for Songwriters portal, within revamped YouTube for Artists site!

The YouTube for Songwriters Portal features a new collection of Songwriter Resources, which are educational guides tailored to helping songwriters, producers and their teams thrive on YouTube. Translated into 21 different languages, this serves as a global tool to find answers to frequently asked questions, information to create your visual discography, and tips on how to best promote your latest work on the platform.

You’ll find resources such as:

  • Best Practices for Songwriters & Producers

  • Best Practices for Music Publishers, Societies & PROs

  • Content Strategies

  • Insider Tips

As you peruse the site, you’ll see the latest news on YouTube Songwriters, information on their YouTube Black Voices Fund Songwriter/Producer class, links to their latest batch of Credits playlists on YouTube Music, and so much more!

Check out YouTube for Songwriters HERE.

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