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How Is Streaming Changing Songs?

We all know that streaming has changed the way we listen to music, but it’s also changing the way artists write and release music. With streaming, artists can instantly put their music online, which lets them test out songs, release music on a whim, or even adjust albums after they’re released.

The traditional album cycle has existed for decades. Instead of releasing music whenever it’s done, artists save up songs to build into a big album drop that happens every couple of years. This worked great before streaming when people had to buy physical albums on things like CDs or vinyl. But now, few artists have the luxury of being forgotten for two years and then coming back to try to make a media splash.

Entire genres like hip-hop and dance have been playing with singles, mixtapes, and rapid-fire releases for ages. Other genres, like pop, have been slower to experiment, but that’s changing. You might have noticed that a lot of your favorite artists from all sorts of genres are consistently dropping more singles. The term for this is called the “waterfall strategy,” and it’s becoming more popular.

Streaming hasn’t just changed the album; it’s also changed the way songs are written. Artists are competing with shorter attention spans and the tens of thousands of songs uploaded every day. A song needs to be listened to on most streaming platforms for at least 30 seconds to trigger a payout. As a result, songs are becoming shorter, and artists are front-loading all the catchy bits to keep a song’s skip rate as low as possible.

Check out the full article on The Verge HERE.

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