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How Agencies Pick The Perfect Song For Their Ads.

Brands have an increasingly tight window of opportunity to get people to pay attention - consumers scroll through TikTok during commercial breaks and skip YouTube ads the second they are given the opportunity. Keeping people interested can be executed through leading with recognizable faces, strong visuals and the right sound. To get consumers to look up from their phones, brands must have a deep understanding of rapid social media trends and the pop culture climate that has brought 37-year-old songs like “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush back into mainstream conversations and onto the top charts. Agencies and music supervision groups must also think about whether the artist and their work can be linked back to their clients in a way that feels natural and candid.

The pairing of music and advertisements goes beyond a singular song - it has just as much to do with the artist behind the track. Marketers wouldn’t tap an influencer solely based on their work without considering their overall image. Similarly, when agencies pick music for their clients’ spots, they must ask themselves whether an artist’s ethos stacks up well against the brand.

Ads make you want to get involved in the brand. You want to be part of the story. You want to feel that way and you want to look that way.

Check out the full article on Adweek HERE.

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