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Getting Started On TikTok.

Warm up those pipes! TikTok will be tapping into the artist community this fall with the launch of #Singing. Starting on September 3, TikTok will highlight vocalists on platform, encouraging artists to post using the hashtag and show off their skills. Not sure what to post? Share your warm-ups, create an open verse, or post some throwbacks or drafts!

TikTok is home to entertainment’s latest trends which, of course, includes music. As a musician, you can find a loyal audience obsessed with your song after one simple TikTok. Before you get started, let’s bust some TikTok music myths and spread some of the best tips and tricks to thrive as a musician on the platform. And then, be sure to come back to the Creator Portal later on for more best practices about being an artist on TikTok.

Part of figuring out your artistic voice on TikTok is an exploration: Don’t be afraid to experiment and try genres, performances, and video styles that feel authentic to you. And it’s fine if you don’t know right off the bat what exactly those might be.

TikTok is a community where everyone belongs - it’s an inclusive platform that encourages you to be your authentic self, while finding a space that does the same.

Think beyond music! TikTok lets you follow your passions and find new fans in those communities. Furthermore, you can follow other artists on TikTok and get inspiration from them, as well as from popular music hashtags in the community. TikTok hashtags are designed to give you a natural route into creation. Try some, like #LiveMusic, #PianoCover, and #Rewrite, for example.

You can also use TikTok features, such as Duets and Stitches, that allow you to showcase your musical ability with other creators. Add a verse, instrumental, or harmonize with other artists, or put your own musical spin on the latest TikTok trend. Check out loads of helpful tips and tricks on the TikTok Creator Portal HERE.

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